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Based in Canada, Kent Tate creates artwork that navigates various separate, yet coexisting worlds. Primarily inspired by the iconic landscapes of North America he expresses his deep concern of our alienation from nature, while affirming our place within its magical embrace. Kent has been exhibited internationally at film and new media festivals, symposiums, juried screenings/exhibitions, and solo gallery installations. He has received awards, grants, and artist residencies for his projects which include: The Banff Centre, the Wallace Stegner house, the Canada Council, BC Arts Council, Hawaii State Arts Foundation, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. He is currently working on a number of new movies while preparing material for prints, and video - sculptural installations. Beginning in 2016, the AGSC will be touring his Exhibition “Movies for a Pulsing Earth." Kent’s single-channel movie “Isolated Gestures” won the Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan) and was nominated for the Golden Sheaf Award (experimental film category) in the 2015 Yorkton Film Festival.

Landing Sites

There are places that we seek, and there are places that find us. One can never know for sure which comes first; the seeking or the finding. Often the unexpected moment occurs, the unforeseen discoveries. The meaning of which is informed by how one perceives that moment.

Landing Sites: Video & Audio, Kent Tate, 5 min. 0 sec.

ingle view movies shown: Truck on a house - Car drifting on a flooded plain - Signs flying over a lake - A super storm engulfs a building - Ghost train - Lightening strikes a plywood structure - Rail yard secured by a fire fighter - Electrical discharge in central city - Outskirts of prairie dog town. Other versions of these movies range from 2 min. to 5 min. in length and will be shown with audio on separate HDTV panels when exhibited. Filmed in southern Saskatchewan, Canada.