Kent Tate:RUPTURE Single Channel movie. Video & Music: Kent Tate, 10 Min. 00 Sec. 2017

“RUTURE” is part of a series of movies that can be viewed as individual scenes on a single screen, or as parts of a multiple channel installation. They are also intended to be seen as cinematic sequences with music in a single channel movie. Part refuge, part laboratory, these movies provide me a roadmap for exploring, and navigating various separate, yet coexisting worlds.

Sequence in order of appearance: Secret Bunker - Green pump in a brown field - Exiled Angels - Atomizing Jet Stream - Lonely Deer walking near the Towers - Washington and Moscow have already called me three times - Metamorphosis - Soft Iron Plunger & Hollow Coil - Only Hollow Coil

Filmed on location by Kent Tate: Sentinel Industrial Park, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Oil Rig, midway between Dollard and Eastend, Saskatchewan - Mount Tecumseh which means "panther passing across" in Shawnee, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Rock Formation in Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Territory east of Kamloops, British Columbia - Sea Port on Puget Sound in Bellingham, Washington - Gas Station in Swift Current, Saskatchewan merges with a rocky mountain ridge east of Sparwood, British Columbia - Eroded hillside in the Fraser River Canyon, south of Ashcroft, British Columbia - Salt Plant on the edge of Chaplin Lake, Saskatchewan as seen from the nearby Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve.

By and large humans tend to create narratives about themselves, then often make great effort to conform reality to that narrative. This was not a threat to planetary survival 10,000 years ago when we were scattered in small bands worshipping local deities and relying on nearby gathered foodstuffs with only stone tools. It is quite an other thing when we are packed into mega-cities with nuclear weapons, and ambiguous connectivities, along with relationships imbued in instruments that far exceed an individual's capacity to fully comprehend or to realibly navigate our various systems.

“our economic system and our planetary system are now at war. Or, more accurately, our economy is at war with many forms of life on earth, including human life. What the climate needs to avoid collapse is a contraction in humanity’s use of resources; what our economic model demands to avoid collapse is unfettered expansion. Only one of these sets of rules can be changed, and it’s not the laws of nature.” - Naomi Klein, This changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Additional public domain: Altered animation sourced from “74 Principles Of Electro Magnetism” (1926). Extremely short excerpt from “Cosmos: War of the Planets” (1977).