Kent Tate is an award winning Canadian artist/filmmaker whose work explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through Kent’s work to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his projects are held in dynamic balance. Tate has been exhibited/screened internationally at film/new media festivals, symposiums, juried screenings/exhibitions, and solo gallery exhibitions/tours.

Moving Images & Music: Kent Tate - Nautilus (2018)

In 2015 Kent Tate began a video/sculptural project in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. After filming in the Canadian Rockies he archived certain bays and inlets north of Nanaimo on the east coast of Vancouver Island. He then proceeded to document the Cypress Hills region of Saskatchewan. Currently he is surveying the Interior Plateau in British Columbia. Once filming is finished his objective is to build a large outdoor sculpture (film projection chamber) at a remote location that has yet to be determined

“Nautilus” is part of a series of movies that can be viewed as individual scenes in a multiple channel installation, or as cinematic sequences in a single channel movie. These movies can be shown with sound, or in silence, continuously looped, or in a single view.

For Tate, these works are part refuge, part laboratory; places where he can explore time and space while providing a certain emotional gratifications as well as his personal roadmap for navigating various separate yet coexisting worlds. Gravitating towards places that reveal the many layers of time his work imagines worlds that have passed, worlds that are present, and worlds that are yet to be.

Source scenes filmed on location by Kent Tate: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan - Crowsnest Mountain, Alberta - Departure Bay, British Columbia