Kent Tate: No Rest for the Restless Preview - Single Channel movie. Video & Music: Kent Tate, 7 Min. 00 Sec. 2017

Some stories appear complete, while others do not. Some stories are remembered, while others are forgotten. Some stories obscure, while others reveal. Excerpt No. 1: It’s likely they're in trouble. Excerpt No. 2: Hope they’re on the way. Official selection: 15th International Festival Signs of the Night / Bangkok, Thailand (2017) Official selection: 15th International Festival Signs of the Night / Urbino, Italy (2017)

“No Rest for the Restless” is a story drawn from my impressions of our hallucinatory world. A subconscious response to the recognition that we are in the midst of the "Anthropocene period" and the "Holocene extinction." An tumultuous age in which this planet is being transformed into something we may, or may not yet imagine.

Even though somewhat different in shape and form “No Rest for the Restless” is in some ways a subconscious re-imagining of an exhibition I had many years ago of the same name. At that time I found the human project to be astounding and baffling. I continue to be astounded and baffled today.

In 1999 Edward O. Wilson wrote “The Diversity of Life.” In 2007 Naomi Klein wrote “The Shock doctrine.” In 2015 she followed up on that book with “This changes everything.” Filmed on location by Kent Tate in Nevada, Hawaii, Alberta, British Columbia, & Saskatchewan.

Additional public domain re-mix: Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet, The Thread of Life, & Plan 9 From Outer Space + a special appearance by Donald Rumsfeld.